www.academic-writing » Thanks for doing such an amazing job. The effort fulfills all the requirement of reader, who wants to know about the subject matter. I must say thanks for a wonderful job and keep your chin up.
The Doctor » i second the ooker
bonnach » OOk OOK!
bonnach » ook!! ook!!
Your Name » I love all things Monkey!
luckyduck » hi
dj cdz » hiya people o
dj cdz » hiya people o
dj cdz » hiya people
Bonnach » Yay! You got your layout fixed. Ahhh.
jr » cool layout
jay » whoa...
jay » whoa...
sexy » hello
xaos » heh. sweet.
april » cute baby..!!!
boghead » where's this monkey lounge? I'm dying for my internet half-friends. why does it have to be called the monkey lounge?
California Perv » Hey, Monkey pants. I'm glad you're still blogging. A breath of fresh air, in an other wise anal rententive world.
limechip » pssst... the monkey lounge is open. all the cool kids are there.
Trish » hey i'm just dropping by, you don't know me but nice blog
California Perv » You know, I belong in this conversation somewhere.
raminta » hey hey if anyone is going to be eaten around here... it should be me...
Meg » HEY
bonnach » Eat me!
merilee » lick my pooper
raminta » oh steveo no soy...
steveo » Yay! Rammy's back, and she's brought cats! Where's the soy?
raminta » HEY everyone click on hendra and see the fabu graphics. content good too!
hendra » hello
raminta » where've you been steveo???
steveo » Whoa! Rammy has a blog! I should really follow Esther's links more often.
Bethany » you should feel loved...Kisses n hugs
raminta » wow i feel loved...
Bethany44224 » your awsome
brenda » I meant THIS: http://darrylvance.blogdrive.com
brenda » Haw Haw
limechip » mooch your readers
limechip » the anticipation for your super secret project is killing me. and on a self-serving note, changed the address of my bloggy (limechip11--> tequilapopsicle). i'm just telling you so i can continue to m
raminta » cher... read the whole thing, baby... it's Poe, the song is "Angry Johnny." It's old as in maybe 8 years old, but definately worth checking into.
CheR » what song is that "i want to kill you, i want to blow you away"?
raminta » trekkies do get younger and younger. i'm hoping to stage an intervention soon...
Sexhead » Holy crap, that is one cute baybee!!!! I like how he's workinatin the TNG mousepad. Man, Trekkies get younger and younger ...
raminta » WOOHOO IT'S THE SEX!!!
sexhead » I wanna be famous all on your bloggerspace. Oh yeah, and you rock tight weinerscnitzel snikerdoodles.
California Perv » Just dropped by. I got no update alert. *sob*
Žod » HNY to you too
raminta » woohoo new fan!
California Perv » This is my new "Catch!" Well, a few days a month.
Bonnach » Merry Xmas... and don't bogart that herring!
California Perv » Hi Rammy. Just checking out your blog. I show up as California Perv on all Blogdrive sites. I really like your site.(don't get any ideas) Your friend, Bill
josiepoo » raminta RULES!!! go raminta go! I love raminta! she's the best! she's minty fresh!
Bonnach » Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good day.
Olaf » Shaggs the Musical, who knew? Better tie your links down before I swipe them for Catch.
raminta » thanks bishop everything always does in the end...
bishopX » Hey Rammy nice blog. Hope everything works out with the love life.
raminta » yeah i was thinking the other day how similar they look...
limechip » sorry raminta, i had actually meant nancy reagan, although frankly i have trouble telling all those wax-statue first ladies apart
bonnach » All dunning Republican first hags look and act alike. They all come from central casting I think. At least Nancy can wear a smart, red dress like nobody else. NOBODY!!
raminta » laura limey? honey! didn't you see that diffrent strokes episode where we all learned to say no to drugs? nancy reagan hun... though they do look alike.
limechip » is that laura bush at the header? jeepers creepers. its something straight out of my sunday school past.
Olaf » raminta - cool blog.Nice to see a C. Feathers lyric.
limechip » i am THE flamer, bonnie prince bonnach. beware my squirrelly wrath.
bonnach » I've heard you were a flamer limey.
limechip » hey raminta i'm here to flame you. nya nya nya nya.
Graham » She may be, but the jury is still out for me.
raminta » but his girlfriend is anorexic
Graham » Don't be messing with Indiana Jones, rammy.
esther » rammy rammy rammy rammy, rammy rammy rammy rammy, rammmmmmmy!
raminta » Steve. Did you sleep through your D.A.R.E. class?
Steve » You are evil! Slandering the fine name of Nancy Reagan. You should be ashamed. She's looking after our idiot former President isn't she? Nobody wears a smart red dress like she does. NOBODY!