Entry: I had such a hard time falling asleep Friday, May 05, 2006

I kept thinking about my friend Dalia. I just couldn't get her out of my head. Over and over all of these images, memories, her voice... kept floating around in my head... swimming so fast, that I couldn't rest.

Dalia was brutally murdered in her apartment on the 5th of March, 2002. Stabbed multiple times and no motive was ever given by the killer.

Dalia was beautiful and kind. Intelligent and giving. She became my best friend...

but when I left her... I never wrote. I never called. I had just figured, we'd meet up some day. We'd sit like we did at the Pienu Baras (milk bar), looking out into the street. Or she'd take me to her favorite spot again in Vilnius, overlooking the river. We'd listen to Tom Waits and she'd talk about her old boyfriend, the actor.

Maybe she'd finally explain what she saw in her husband. A man I had completely detested. I don't know if he made her happy. I'm sure he did. I'll never know now.

I don't know where her grave is. Or in which town exactly she is burried in. I don't know if her mother is still living.

I miss her rationality. I miss her wit.

Now she'll never know how much she shaped my journey into womanhood. She'll never know what a huge part she played in my lonely life over there.

Well I broke down in E. St. Louis
On the Kansas City line
and I drunk up all my money
that I borrowed every time
and I fell down at the derby
and now the night's black as a crow
It was a train that took me away from here
but a train can't bring me home
What made my dreams so hollow
was standing at the depot
with a steeple full of swallows
that could never ring the bell
and I come ten thousand miles away
with not one thing to show
well it was a train that took me away from here
but a train can't bring me home
I remember when I left
without bothering to pack
you know I up and left with
just the clothes I had on my back
now I'm sorry for what I've done
and I'm out here on my own
well it was a train that took me away from
here but a train can't bring me home


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