Entry: The most unprofessional Thursday, April 20, 2006

What is the most unprofessional thing that has been ever said to you?

I've had many occurances... However today is definately in the top ten...

I answer the phones for my company... Here is the choice conversation:

Caller: May I speak with your IT director?

ME: We don't have one may I ask what this is about?

C: IT Procurement are you the IT Manager?

M: No, what exactly is this about?

C: IT Procurement.

M: Ok, but what about IT Procurement? Is this a sales call or a survey?

C: Do you even know what IT Procurement is?

M: Yes, but you haven't answered my question. What exactly is this about?

C: IT Procurement. You don't know what it is do you.

M: Yes actually I do, but since you won't tell me what it is EXACTLY you wish to discuss regarding IT Procurement, I ask that you please take our company off of your calling list.

C: Cunt! *click*

Well... I *69ed the company and spoke to one woman. Gave her the exact details of the conversation. She put me through to the secretary of the VP and I told her what happened. Then she put me through to the VP and I told her what happened and she stated that she was going to take this to the President. So the VP took my information and just now I got a call from the president. The president of the company told me that she wanted to hear from me exactly what happened because they discovered who this person was that made the call and he was on her "team." So I told her again exactly what happened and stated that for me, her phone call was enough for me. She was highly apologetic and I believed her sincerity.

I think this totally tops the time I went for an interview for a welding job and was told that the only job available was a secretarial position and was asked if I had a boyfriend...

You few folks that still read this barely updated blog ever have anything similar happen? I know that I've been called tons of names on the phone before, but this was the only time where they caught me at a moment where I was pissed off enough to *69 them. *69 is your friend.


April 21, 2006   12:07 PM PDT
i've gotten some pretty bad calls here... but the cunt thing totally blew my mind... i told my manager at my pt job (we call people for surveys ugh) and she was completely flabberghasted..

so what was the crappy movie?
April 20, 2006   10:15 PM PDT
Oh, where to begin? I had a customer just this week complain because I wouldn't buy a crappy ass video for her branch of the library. I told her the process I go through in selecting stuff and that the video she wanted had shit reviews. Nicer than that of course! Anyway, she pulls the "I'm a filmmaker and I know quality" thing. I just kinda smirked over the phone at that. Then she said that we have all kinds of other crappy movies in the collection. I told her that's what I"m try to fix, and her suggestion wouldn't really help with that would it? I swear I handled my half of the conversation much more professionally though... You gotta believe me! Anyhow, she said something like, "I guess I'll just have to buy it myself if you're not going to do the right thing." Then she hung up probably cursing and flipping me off as she did so. Anyway, the freaks were out of their cages this week. Is there a full moon?
April 20, 2006   08:52 PM PDT
I don't know if *69 is your friend, but... 69 is mine. We get calls all the time from assholes. Everyone t my work is instructed to screen all "suspect" calls. Not take them personally. I, however, always tell people that talk down to me to "Fuck off!" I've never gotten in trouble. Then again, I demand respect. I intimidate every chance I get.

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