Entry: I heard this song on the radio this morning Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lilac Wine
Jeff Buckley

I lost myself on a cool damp night
I Gave myself in that misty light
Was hypnotized by a strange delight
Under a lilac tree
I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
It makes me see what I want to see
and be what I want to be
?When? (But) I think more than I want to think
Do things I never should do
I drink much more that I ought to drink
Because (it) brings me back ?you? (in)...

Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, like my love
Listen to me... I cannot see clearly
Isn't that she coming to me nearly here?
Lilac wine is sweet and heady where's my love?
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, where's my love?
Listen to me, why is everything so hazy?
Isn't that she, or am I just going crazy, dear?
Lilac Wine, I feel unready for my love,
feel unready for my love.


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I'm going to link to it. Love the lyrics.

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