Entry: Holy CRAP could I be more tired? Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Seriously. I'm DYING here!
Friday night I worked at my crap ass part time job... I was trying to recruit people for a mock trial...
Saturday night I worked the load out with the Stagehands Union over at the local theater... Ms. Saigon has a crap load of sets... PLUS they are all mostly metal... What the hell is up with that? They were so seriouly heavy... The upside in the working from 10pm until 3am is the pay. Have I mentioned the pay? God it's good!
Sunday I tried to stay awake. It was rather unsuccessful...
Yesterday I had the day off from full time job, but I had my first handyperson job. That was exciting... No seriously it was. I didn't do all that much... I moved a giant rug, hung some pictures and moved some furniture. Might not sound like a whole hell of a lot, but I was there for five hours and again I made some pretty decent dough. I'm thinking that if I can get more of these handyperson jobs, I'll be making what I should be making at my full time job.
Today I'm counting my bruises from the Viet Cong and just trying to stay awake...

Here's some links that I've stolen from other folks on the web...
An EXTREMELY interesting study on Jazz musicians and mental illness (seriously read it) via Incoming Signals

Dude you NEED a yurt (also via incoming signals)
This is too cute
I think I've linked here before... You never know...
This is definately a very handy list if you ever hear GW talking about his friends, coworkers and generally folks whose names he just can't remember...
Here's another list of musicians who blog... I don't understand how Moby is considered "cool" but whatever...
Life inside a plastic water bottle

ok I'm done... it's almost lunch time and I have to read the new Vibe magazine that just came into the office.


October 14, 2005   12:37 AM PDT
Hamsters rawk!

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