Entry: S is for Shitake Thursday, October 06, 2005

I was going to do this long post about how there's been so much fog and that this morning it smelled like th ocean at low tide and how pretty it was but that it's also such a bitch to drive in...
and then I got sidetracked...
yet somehow... I have no idea what I've done all day long... Have I been working? Like at all? I have no idea... I'm sure maybe before lunch I did something. Perhaps even before I went outside for my cigarette break (it's still a tad foggy), but yeah... NO CLUE... that's so effin sad...

Since about 1pm I've been sitting here thinking about how much this site cracks me up. Seriously! I've been contemplating writing a song about shitake mushrooms. Yes... it's been a while since I've gotten the song writing bug... For about 2 years I've been obsessed (ok not really obsessed at all... perhaps "musing" is better) about writing an album. Every song begins with a letter of the alphabet, the album would obvioucly start at A and end at Z. Somewhere I have some lyrics penned on a pad of paper... Pretty much like most of my songs start out... On random sheets of paper that I may or may not find later and put music to... S is for Shitake

I do know that I've been catching up on April Winchell's blog (please click the link on the right) (no not that right... you know on the side that list thingy with all the other websites) She's got some great links in her August blogging lots of vulvas... I high recommend that you go over there and look as I am too lazy to dig them up again... Just trust me on the scent of vulva... Why it hasn't taken the lesbian market by storm I just don't know....

*side rant*
I do not like the Cintas guy. He cleans the carpets in the lobby. HE CREEPS ME THE HELL OUT. He's also waiting to talk to my boss... I don't think the boss likes him or his company either, but that's a story for another day.

So I've decided that I just can't let this blog die...
I've concluded that mouth to mouth is the only way to revive it... I'm not sure if I'll succeed, but I guess we will take this journey together.

Hopefully I will start doing this again sort of daily... I have many new and exciting things going on all of which I plan to share with all of you dear folks...

Tonight I'm learning MIG welding at class tonight... That means we'll get the presentation, maybe try it once and go back to the stick. I'm hoping to not forget the digi cam so that you fine folks can see my fine paddle wheel filled with metal. Yes I'm learning a lot... Or so I like to imagine.

Thankfully the creepy Cintas guy has left...
please don't come back Cintas guy


October 10, 2005   05:58 PM PDT
Wow am I slow today. I got to your second paragraph before I realized that it said "Shitake" and not "Shitcake". I'm a little wiped out from online job apps.
California Perv
October 6, 2005   08:14 PM PDT
I just bought a new guitar... Music is the cosmic dance... Keep writing. (New disjointed sentences coming up.) Cintas is a contract company. Your boss may be stuck with them. I had those creeps for a while. The only way to get rid of them is pay out your contract...or, like I did, go bankrupt. Weld on, Raminta of Arc!

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