Thursday, October 13, 2005
Will it ever end?

I forgot the camera on Tuesday for class... Forgot it again at home today... D'oh!
Tonight we're going to play with TIG... though probably not for very long since it's expensive...
In other news...
Mable is Unstable

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Holy CRAP could I be more tired?

Seriously. I'm DYING here!
Friday night I worked at my crap ass part time job... I was trying to recruit people for a mock trial...
Saturday night I worked the load out with the Stagehands Union over at the local theater... Ms. Saigon has a crap load of sets... PLUS they are all mostly metal... What the hell is up with that? They were so seriouly heavy... The upside in the working from 10pm until 3am is the pay. Have I mentioned the pay? God it's good!
Sunday I tried to stay awake. It was rather unsuccessful...
Yesterday I had the day off from full time job, but I had my first handyperson job. That was exciting... No seriously it was. I didn't do all that much... I moved a giant rug, hung some pictures and moved some furniture. Might not sound like a whole hell of a lot, but I was there for five hours and again I made some pretty decent dough. I'm thinking that if I can get more of these handyperson jobs, I'll be making what I should be making at my full time job.
Today I'm counting my bruises from the Viet Cong and just trying to stay awake...

Here's some links that I've stolen from other folks on the web...
An EXTREMELY interesting study on Jazz musicians and mental illness (seriously read it) via Incoming Signals
Dude you NEED a yurt (also via incoming signals)
This is too cute
I think I've linked here before... You never know...
This is definately a very handy list if you ever hear GW talking about his friends, coworkers and generally folks whose names he just can't remember...
Here's another list of musicians who blog... I don't understand how Moby is considered "cool" but whatever...
Life inside a plastic water bottle

ok I'm done... it's almost lunch time and I have to read the new Vibe magazine that just came into the office.

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Friday, October 07, 2005
Raminta of Arc

So last night I had another welding class... We had a demonstraion on MIG welding. To be honest it kind of bored me. The weld is nearly perfect without any effort. MIG isn't the term that they use anymore I guess. What we did was GMAW (gas metal arc welding). Basically there's a little bit of gas that shields the metal and wire from the outside air and a wire that is being constantly fed. Here's a pic that I stole from another site. It shows the gun(or whatever it's called) and the ground clamp.
 I tried a couple of times and went back to my paddle.

So basically for the past several classes, except for the first two where we did oxy/acetelyne welding, we have been doing stick welding... according to Lincoln Electric that is:
A short stick of welding filler metal consisting of a core of bare electrode covered by chemical or metallic materials that provide shielding of the welding arc against the surrounding air. It also completes the electrical current, thereby creating the arc. (Also known as SMAW, or Stick Metal Arc Welding.)
Basically we've been sitting in our little booths (I'm in booth 13) stick welding. We were supposed to start with 6013 wire last night, but perhaps the instructor forgot...

Here are some pictures I took last night at class. I wanted to get some of the shop, but because it was open house for the high schoolers, I didn't think it would have been appropriate. So, I just have pictures of what I'm working on at present.

Ok in this photo you can see my paddle that I'm basically just filling up with weld bead, my slag pick for hammering off the slag (I'll get to what that is in a minute), my wire brush for cleaning off the rest of the slag that the slag pick doesn't pick off and the stinger which holds the "stick"
Here's a decent picture of the sticks used for this process. They are covered with flux which is the gray matter. And yes I have to wear a mask.

Ok in this picture you can see what a fresh weld looks like. Basically it's all covered in slag...
Slag - A layer of flux soot the protects the weld from oxides and other contaminants while the weld is solidifying (cooling). Slag is to be removed after cooling.
The amount of slag produced varies according to what type of rod is used or what kind of process is used. We started out using 6010 wire. According to our instructor, that is the hardest type of rod to start out with because it's harder to control. It's also a pain in the ass because the slag is harder to remove and it spatters like crazy.
Spatter - Metal particles thrown from the weld, often cooling and hardening on the work surface. A spatter-resistant spray applied to the workpiece can minimize spatter.
I want spatter resistant spray!

In this pic I've hit the weld bead with the slag pick a few times to remove the slag. Not all of it though, only so I could show what it looks like. I can't wait to start working with other rods, I'm not seeing all that much difference in the 6010 and the 6011 wire... Only that I can hold the rod proactically inches away from the base metal when using 6010... That's not really recommended, but I tried it just so I could see if the instructor was pulling our legs...

Underneath all of that black slag is a shiney weld bead. I really wish I could have managed to get some closer shots, but that's as good as I could get with that camera. After you pick off the slag with the slag pick, you still haven't gotten all of it off, so it's necessary to use the wire brush. If your base metal isn't clean, sometimes you can't establish an arc or even worse you could damage the weld with porosity.
Arc [Arc Length] - The physical gap between the end of the electrode to the point where the arc makes contact with the base metal.
Electrode - A coated metal wire having the same composition as the material being welded.
Porosity - Porosity is the result of gas being entrapped in solidifying weld metal.

As you can see with these two pics I'm still trying to master the straight line. The 6010 wire was a mess. Spatter went everywhere and one night when I was wearing a pair of jeans that were frayed on the bottom, I caught my pants on fire. I'm still getting some spatter with the 6011, but definately not as bad.

In this pic you can see my progression with the 6011 wire. Last night definately wasn't my best night welding and unfortunately my better beads are underneath the fresh ones. I was having an off night I think. My weld beads were starting fat and going crooked. In the last 15 minutes of class I had maybe one perfect weldbead. Not too fat with good penetration.

unfortunately this isn't a good picture... oh well...

I am your friendly neighborhood welder. May I melt your metal?

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Thursday, October 06, 2005
S is for Shitake

I was going to do this long post about how there's been so much fog and that this morning it smelled like th ocean at low tide and how pretty it was but that it's also such a bitch to drive in...
and then I got sidetracked...
yet somehow... I have no idea what I've done all day long... Have I been working? Like at all? I have no idea... I'm sure maybe before lunch I did something. Perhaps even before I went outside for my cigarette break (it's still a tad foggy), but yeah... NO CLUE... that's so effin sad...

Since about 1pm I've been sitting here thinking about how much this site cracks me up. Seriously! I've been contemplating writing a song about shitake mushrooms. Yes... it's been a while since I've gotten the song writing bug... For about 2 years I've been obsessed (ok not really obsessed at all... perhaps "musing" is better) about writing an album. Every song begins with a letter of the alphabet, the album would obvioucly start at A and end at Z. Somewhere I have some lyrics penned on a pad of paper... Pretty much like most of my songs start out... On random sheets of paper that I may or may not find later and put music to... S is for Shitake

I do know that I've been catching up on April Winchell's blog (please click the link on the right) (no not that right... you know on the side that list thingy with all the other websites) She's got some great links in her August blogging lots of vulvas... I high recommend that you go over there and look as I am too lazy to dig them up again... Just trust me on the scent of vulva... Why it hasn't taken the lesbian market by storm I just don't know....

*side rant*
I do not like the Cintas guy. He cleans the carpets in the lobby. HE CREEPS ME THE HELL OUT. He's also waiting to talk to my boss... I don't think the boss likes him or his company either, but that's a story for another day.

So I've decided that I just can't let this blog die...
I've concluded that mouth to mouth is the only way to revive it... I'm not sure if I'll succeed, but I guess we will take this journey together.

Hopefully I will start doing this again sort of daily... I have many new and exciting things going on all of which I plan to share with all of you dear folks...

Tonight I'm learning MIG welding at class tonight... That means we'll get the presentation, maybe try it once and go back to the stick. I'm hoping to not forget the digi cam so that you fine folks can see my fine paddle wheel filled with metal. Yes I'm learning a lot... Or so I like to imagine.

Thankfully the creepy Cintas guy has left...
please don't come back Cintas guy

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Why I haven't seen Ave. Q yet I just don't know...

What do you do with a B.A. in English,
What is my life going to be?
Four years of college and plenty of knowledge,
Have earned me this useless degree.

I can't pay the bills yet,
'Cause I have no skills yet,
The world is a big scary place.

But somehow I can't shake,
The feeling I might make,
A difference,
To the human race.

Morning, Brian.

Hi, Kate Monster.

How's life?


What's the matter?

The catering company laid me off.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
OMG What is this update that you speak of?

Seriously... it's like i've dropped off the planet and stopped posting... Ok so maybe I needed a break or something... Though... my life hasn't been all that exciting...
I'm doing the waiting game...
waiting for the acceptance letter
waiting for the financial aid
waiting waiting waiting

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Friday, September 16, 2005
haven't been around

i've been working. now i'm learning some basic welding.
went to a show.
burned myself last night picking up hot metal.
almost blinded myself when my instructor didn't warn us to put down our shields.
my eyes have been hurting all day

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Monday, August 22, 2005
how do

people find me?
i've been located at myspace... an old friend from college... she was a couple of years younger than myself, but definately a cool chick...
that just kills me

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Friday, July 22, 2005

for this one:

my bro sent me this pic about an hour ago and then the little man called... i hung up on him first... didn't know who it was... i haven't heard that many words come out of his mouth... like ever!
i got him that hat and that toy... and a dinosaur...
"thank you autie merminta for th toy!"

i was having such a shitty downer day up until that point...

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friday morning

The guy at the bus stop was wearing a festive summer outfit. White sneakers with socks pulled up to his knees, white shorts, a bermuda shirt and thick black sunglasses. No one has told him that he looks so out of place in this city, in this state. Walking him past him towards Good Finds on Congress St., that store that couldn't remain open for just one day so I could peak inside and see what I could buy. The displays insides the windows were all so enticing, I could never get there when it was open. It was open "at will." Now it's gone and contractors are pilling up plywood boards and everything smells like it's been freshly cut. A strange smell to waft over the scent of the ocean that was coming up the street. So strange that I could smell it from such a distance, on such a day with commuters trying their best to get to the office on time. I couldn't smell the ocean the closer I walked to work. Strange because work is so much closer.
It's time to go on a diet or start exercising or start doing something. I'm in a downswing and I can't quite fit into my jeans. That's never a good sign. It's just too hot to do anything. Too sticky. Not enough breeze and too much sun. It feels like Florida in June, not that hot where you can't breathe the moment you step outside, but hot enough where you are just too tired to move. I'm dressed too warm today. Black long sleeve shirt and dark jeans. At least my hair is still wet. Now I'm realizing that I forgot the rubber band at home. Nothing to pull my hair back with.
I can go to CVS at lunch. I can spend the $2 on a package of rubber bands. $2 can I afford that? I was told last night, that there won't be any work for a while at job #2. Won't be any work. Won't be any work.
I had a budget worked out. I had it worked out on a piece of paper the last time I went in. I sit and make calls and work out budgets. Budgets fill my planner. Small sheets of paper with numbers, additions, subtractions, divisions. Erased. Started again. Crossed out. Lists of numbers falling down the page. Pay this now. Pay this next week. I'll make this much this week and that much next week. I somehow threw out that piece of paper. I was looking for it in the stacks of budgets in my planner. Gone are the lists of numbers. They are incorrect now anyhow. Won't be any work.
I've contemplated finding another job. Another job with less freedom, more responsibility, more money. Now there won't be any work. Perhaps it is time to find another.
I want to go back outside. Stand under some shade and smell the ocean. Instead I'm in this office. Listening to the man with the vacuum cleaner complain about the Red Sox. Complain about retirement. Complain. Complain. Instead I'm sitting in front of a fan, blowing at medium. Drying my hair. The air conditioner hasn't worked in here since last summer. Instead I'm sitting in front of this screen. I'm staring at checks I need to file away. I'm sitting in front of keys I need to put away. Instead instead instead.
At least the cat is fed.

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