Monday, November 28, 2005
my lord

You'd think with me having nothing to do at work all day, I'd be posting up a storm... um no....
Well... I'm supposed to be working right now actually... I have a part part time job working for this woman. I hang pictures, move furniture and chat. We mostly chat and I get paid well to do it. I'm not complaining... She's just a tad flakey... Even more so than myself. Which is just truly hard to believe... I guess I could be working on that financial aid application for SMCC...
The cat's are crazy and I swear one of them just farted.

Posted at 07:03 pm by raminta

November 29, 2005   05:36 PM PST
Cat farts! Smell the loverly cat farts!

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Iím going to scam drinks like a bandito.

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